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Insurgency alive and well in Chechnya

September 4, 2009

Moscow’s rule by proxy (Kadyrov) has brought a solid level of stability and small level of prosperity to the region, but we have lately seen an increase in insurgent attacks against local security forces. Could this be the beginning of the bad old days?


Three suicide bombers nabbed in Chechnya

04.09.2009, 00.52

GROZNY, September 4 (Itar-Tass) — Police seized three suicide bombers in Shalinsky district of Chechnya, republican President Ramzan Kadyrov told local TV late on Thursday, adding all the three are teenagers.

The oldest of them is only 18, he said.

Kadyrov said one of the bombers had to explode himself near a police precinct in Grozny on Friday. Police seized a 5-kilogram belt with explosives, three submachine guns and a land mine from the teenagers.

Such warlords, as Yaser Myakhdi and the like “brainwash our youth and turn them into zombies with psychotropic medications,” Kadyrov said

“Today thanks to the efforts of republican law enforcers we saved dozens of human lives. We have to continue efforts to seize and eliminate terrorists,” Kadyrov said and promised to have warlords and their militants eliminated in the near future.

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